Agenda AIOCC meeting 29th January 2011 Sankt Wendel

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Dear members of the AIOCC,

Hereby the agenda for the meeting at 29 Januar 2011 in Sankt-Wendel.

We will meet eachother in the townhall (Rathaus) of Sankt-Wendel, Schlossstrasse 7.

We start at 15.15 pm.
Due to limited space a delegation of up to two persons per organization is permitted.

Please check whether the fee (€ 150,00) is paid.

Until the 29th!


Jack Cats,
secretary AIOCC cross


1. Wellcome
2. Website AIOCC (
3. Subject/Point of view/ UCI cyclo-cross commission
4. Calendar 2011-2012
5. New member election AIOCC-CD (a member from Belgium instead of René Vermeire who left the AIOCC)
6. AIOCC-cross future; What is the opinion of the members/suggestions
7. Presentation on the state of cross racing in the USA by Brook Watts, organizer of CrossVegas
8. Other questions
9. Next meeting

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